Proposed Westburn Play Space Plans

Prospect have revealed draft plans for a proposed Westburn Play space and what to make sure tenants living in Westburn and Morvenside give their feedback.

The plans were presented to a well-attended special Tenants Forum meeting last week where the proposed play space was the main focus for discussion.

They would like to thank all the tenants who came along to the Westburn Family Fun Day a couple of weeks ago to share their great ideas and suggestions for creating a play space. City of Play and WHALE have been helping with the consultation and play space development. They took all the comments collected at the Fun Day and incorporated them into the current draft plans.

As well as being online with this article, the plans can also be seen at Prospects office where you can leave your comments and ideas. Or you can phone the office on 0131 458 5480, or email Catherine Louch,

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