WHCT supporting Grass Roots Filmmaking

The Wester Hailes Community Trust has presented it’s latest award to Grass Roots Remedies, a local herbal remedy clinic. They will be using the money to work with young people from WHEC to create a short film.

The award of £1500 will be used to create a film that will interview a range of local organisations & residents about their experiences of the clinic & growing/foraging/harvesting/processing projects such as: Wester Hailes GPs, Community Health Workers, referral partners, patients and workshop participants.

It will showcase the collaboration and partnership in the area, letting local residents know about what is on offer in Wester Hailes, and equally raise the profile of the area by highlighting this innovative and unique project to people and professionals outside of the neighbourhood.

The Community Trust and Grass Roots Remedies hope that the film will be finished and shown as part of the Wester Hailes 50th Celebrations.

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