Living With Our Grief: Bereavement Support Group

Living with our Grief, a bereavement support group ran by therapist, wellbeing educator and aromatherapist Maggi Scot, in partnership with Wester Hailes Medical Practice is open for signups with sessions taking place in person.

In grieving we are going to experience many different emotions, reactions and often things change moment by moment and this can be very overwhelming. How we experience the death of someone is going to be very affected by how our relationship was to that person, whether there were complications, conflict, things how resolved.

Our culture is not very good at handling dying, death and grief. Many myths exist that can really affect someone trying to make sense of the what can be often overwhelming tide of emotions, physical stresses, fatigue and intense changeability moment by moment that grief can cause.

Many people faced terrible additional suffering by losing someone during Covid’s heights. Not being able to visit, be with their person, restricted funeral services, no hugs of comfort, no singing together.

This course will offer lots of support, the chance to connect with others who have had to face similar challenges, practice nice ways to give our selves respite from the impact and ideas for additional creative ways to find meaning in the loss of the person.

The group will take place at the Healthy Living Centre on Fridays for six weeks from 5 August 2022, 10.30am – 12.30pm.

Have a look at the poster below for more information about the contents of the course. For any enquiries or to book your place contact or 07914601761.

Grief flyer in person Final-1
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