Clovenstone Primary staff warn of dangerous activities

Clovenstone Primary School sign doorThe staff of Clovenstone Primary have issued a warning on their Facebook page after pupils have been seen taking part in dangerous activities including climbing on the school’s roof and dropping items from Clovenstone Bridge.

It has come to our attention that several children have been climbing on to our school roof and running around. This is highly dangerous as there is water and fallen leaves which they could easily slip on, or they could fall off and seiously hurt themselves. This is also school property and it is not permitted for children to be on the roof at any time. If a child is caught on the roof, parents and the police will be called.

In addition, we are sorry to say that some Clovenstone pupils have been seen throwing items from the bridge on Clovenstone Road down on to cars and pedestrians. This is really worrying as this could cause an accident to drivers. Parents and police will be immediately informed if this happens again.

We would really appreciate it if you could speak to your child to reinforce these matters. Hopefully, through working together, we will keep our pupils safe and out of trouble.

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