Kaleidoscope: Sky


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Sky – why so blue up there
when I am grey doon here
on this July morn when Sun Baby comes oot to play?

Sky swished her silk kimono
“Little man you know so little
– I practice Mindfulness which hoovers up useless thochts
leaving me feeling peaceful and empty
this the Dalai Lama hath tocht tae me…”

“WAAH!       WAAH!!!      WAAH!” Sun Baby gurgled
(For it is only 7:22AM)

I answered nowt because

  1. A didny ken the sky could talk back
  2. A dilly like Alternative Therapies (no disrespect to his Holiness the Dalai Lama)
  3. Useless thochts are my stock in trade


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Whale Writers Bank

Whale Writers Bank

This poem was taken from the WHALE writers bank which is located at reception in the WHALE Arts Centre. The bank is open to anyone who would like to submit a piece of creative writing or would like to read something written locally.

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