Young people to shape plans for education

WHEC Wester Hailes Education Centre

Children and young people from around Scotland will be invited to help shape plans for the Scottish Government’s National Improvement Framework.

The Scottish Government is developing a National Improvement Framework to help improve attainment and wider outcomes for every child in Scotland. Having heard the thoughts of parents and teachers through a series of engagement events, Ministers are now keen to gather the views of children and young people.

The First Minister announced during a speech at WHEC the creation of a National Improvement Framework as an attempt to measure clearly where schools are succeeding and where more needs to be done.

Plans are being developed to hold events and host a range of digital activities to enable at least 1,000 children all across the country, from a range of backgrounds, to participate.

The Framework will bring together key information in a more consistent way, so that greater focus can be given to progress of children and how we can continually improve Scottish education.

The Framework has been based on best practice which exists internationally on the use of data and intelligence to improve education at national, local, school and individual child level. It is the next phase of Curriculum for Excellence, and recognises the key role of teachers’ professional judgement in assessing the progress of children.

Ms Constance said:

The National Improvement Framework is being developed to give more information about children’s progress in their learning so it is vital that we give them the chance to give their views on how that information should be gathered and used. This Government is committed to ensuring that children’s voices are heard in a wide range of issues that affect them.

By holding big engagement events, smaller group discussions, age-appropriate activity on social media platforms and a GLOW TV event, we will ensure that we reach children and young people of all age ranges and backgrounds from communities all over Scotland. I look forward to hearing their views – previous engagement with children and young people tells me I should prepare for some hard questions.

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