Harvesters Link now open!


The construction work at the old underpass linking the Healthy Living Centre to Westside Plaza is completed meaning the new Harvesters Link is open!

The completion of the link is fantastic news to the community, allowing a direct route from the bus stops outside the library to the Healthy Living Centre for people with mobility problems.

It has long been campaigned for by community groups such as the Health Agency and especially the Wester Hailes Community Council. A song has even been created to support it (see the video below). Speaking to the Digital Sentinel in February chair of the Wester Hailes Community Council John Aitchison said:

The link will let people come from the shopping centre with buggies and wheel chairs, and there will be a smooth run right to the Healthy Living Centre.

The link is not just going to be another tunnel, it’s going to be open, light and friendly, really improve the area and benefit the people. What was talked about for years and was just a pipe dream is happening, it’s worth campaigning for. It will make a difference.

I’d like to thank all the people that helped us but especially Councillor Ricky Henderson; He was a huge help and none of this would have happened without his help.

You can read more of this interview and about the campaigning for the link here. Here are a selection of photos we have taken following the construction of the Link:

The Wester Hailes Community Council is currently discussing plans for an official opening ceremony for the link so keep an eye on the Digital Sentinel for the announcement.

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