Kaleidoscope: A Bolt from the Blue


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A Bolt from the Blue

Like a Bolt from the Blue
a woman called BRYONY BLEASEDALE
was struck on the head by a bole of Teal Blue cloth
falling from on high.

What happened was – Bryony was in John Lewis’s upholstery department
choosing material to make curtains
she dislodged a bolt of cloth while rummaging thru the shelves
with catastrophic consequences.

A kindly staffer helped BRUISED BRYONY to her feet
and led her to the staff room
where she was given a restorative cup of tea.

“NEXT time, Madam – pu-lease ask a member of staff
to bring out the Bolts of cloth for you
THAT’S what we’re here for.”


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Whale Writers Bank

This poem was taken from the WHALE writers bank which is located at reception in the WHALE Arts Centre. The bank is open to anyone who would like to submit a piece of creative writing or would like to read something written locally.

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