The Rich Robin

One day Donald was walking home from his girlfriend’s house Nicola McNeil’s house. Suddenly he spotted Nicola’s cat about to attack a little mummy robin and her four eggs. Donald works in the CDT department in WHEC. So he got the idea to build a robin mansion for her and her eggs. So he brought them all into the school the next again day because he had an argument with his girlfriend Nicola because he didn’t like the colour of nail polish she was wearing and he was also allergic to the colour. He was also sick of her attitude.

After two days of working on the mansion it was finally ready. Later on that day the eggs hatched in their bed. The hatching was interrupted by Donald’s favorite couple Courtney and Stuart. Courtney and Stuart offered Donald to take them home to their house and they lived happily ever after.

Submitted by Courtney

This post was submitted by a pupil from WHEC as part of a creative writing project between WHEC, WHALE Arts, the Digital Sentinel and author Sophie Cooke funded by the Kiran’s Trust. You can find some of the other posts here.

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