Canal success for local resident

Lochrin belle Re-Union Canal Boats

Local resident and activist Eunice Main paid the Digital Sentinel a visit today to tell us about her new certificate for boating skills and let us know how she is enjoying being on the canal.

I have been taking part in a 12 week course on boating skills with Re-Union Canal Boats on the Lochrin Belle. The course has taught us how to maintain the boat, drive it, hospitality for catering parties on board and even how to check the engines.

We had a little get together before Christmas where our coach Anna presented the twelve of us with a certificate for completing the course.

I have loved every minute of it and I am still loving being on the boat every Wednesday with the Sorted project with all my friends. Love them lots. I love being on the boat and its something we hope to do in the future. I just hope for some warmer weather! Hurry up sunshine!

Story submitted by Eunice Main

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