Library celebration at Canal View

100_1812Canal View primary welcomed a special guest today as children’s author Lari Don paid a visit to officially open the school’s new library!

The new library has now finished after six months of hard work by the library crew, pupils of the school, and from volunteer Ms Williamson who have spent a lot of time designing the library and choosing what books would fill the new one.

Ms Williamson being thanked for all her work.

Ms Williamson being thanked for all her work.

Lari visited the school to give an assembly to share her love of libraries, and to spread the message that books will let the children imagine whole new worlds.

The children were able to listen to Lari tell some of her stories and tell her what was their favourite thing about the reading and what they couldn’t wait to do once the library was officially open.

Brothers and sister, Connor, Darren and Nicole (the three pupils sitting on the left in the photo above) who go to Canal View couldn’t wait to use the library and were some of the first in the line to have a look at Lari’s books.

Have a look below for more of our photos of the event:

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