Murrayburn Childminding and Toddler Group

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Murrayburn Childminding and Toddler Group have announced that they will reopen for new sessions on Thursday 21 January 2016, 9.00am to 11.00am at Murrayburn Primary School.

The group costs £2 per session, which includes snack and drink for children and a cuppa for the grown ups. It is same price if more than one child.

All ages to school age welcome (parents, carers, nannies, grandparents too).

Entry via fire exit to right hand side of playground-bell outside. Please feel free to phone if needed. The group is voluntarily run, so from time to time if no one is attending, we will not open or close early, hence why it’s good to check first-by phone or via Facebook page.

Do you want to spend time socialising – you with other adults and your child with children of similar ages?

We have run this group for over 9 years in the parent room.

Healthy snack, activities and rhymes are part of our routine and we often have visitors throughout the year for advice and so on.

It is also handy if you are looking for childcare as childminders often attend.

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