Wester Hailes Community Council February meeting report

The Wester Hailes Community Council met yesterday, Wednesday 3 February 2016, at Wester Hailes library and the Digital Sentinel was there to report on what was discussed.

The meeting was attended by local councillor Ricky Henderson and chaired by community council vice-chair Anne Denholm.

Underpass Harvesters Link

In regards to matters arising from the previous meeting, local resident Eoghan Howard commented that the recent application made to Scotrail for funding to create an outdoor gallery at the Harvester’s Link had been rejected. He added that the rejection had cited that since the fund had received too many applications they had decided to only accept ones which had a safety or travel theme. The Community Council stated that this was a shame as they felt that it was a good idea and that they would help look for alternative funding opportunities.

Police gave a short report on crime in the area over the last month. They stated that in the last month there had been 124 crimes reported to the police, 55 of these were solved and 45 were still being investigated. Commenting on noticeable incidents they added that there had been 2 reports of hate crime, these had been committed by one person who had been identified and that they were continuing to work with the library and partners in the council to deal with the anti-social behaviour that occurs at the Plaza.

hailesland Grove

The next item on the agenda was a presentation by Debbie Herbertson and Sandra McLeod who gave an update on the closure of bin chutes in Hailesland and Murrayburn. This is the decision, made at a recent area board meeting, that the council would close the bin chutes in various places in Hailesland and Murrayburn stating that there are concerns that they are causing  a lot of clutter which is not only unhygienic but in unsafe in case of a fire.

Debbie added that they are still wanting to move ahead with the decision but due to recent staff changes at the Council they have been unable to do so. They are still working towards the closure but will carry out more consultations with residents.

rubbish bins

Debbie also added that they are launching a pilot project in Murrayburn Gardens where the fencing around the recycling bins will be wrapped in wire mesh to try and prevent litter being blown about.

Lewis Patterson, acting headteacher for Wester Hailes Education Centre discussed the ongoing competition being run by the Community Council for pupils to create their new logo! He commented how third year pupils are currently researching logos and coming up with ideas to submit. The competition is open to any pupils from Wester Hailes and the winner will receive a £50 voucher for a store of their choosing.

Places for People Harvesters Way Construction

Places for People gave an update to the council about the progress of the new Harvesters Way development. The first people arrived in September and we should expect to see a lot more people moving in in the next few weeks. It is hoped that the road will open in the Spring and that the final completion date will be the end of the year.

Finally under other council business, Anne Denholm reported that she had received an update about the possibility of a crossing at the junction between Dumbryden drive and Murrayburn Road. This being that after the test carried out by Edinburgh Council, they feel that it is not busy enough to warrant a crossing and that the new 20mph speed limit and the lowered curbs will be enough.

Rik Morley of Wester Hailes wildlife commented that he will be having a bird watching session with Dads Rock and Clovenstone youth group and would like to thank the Community Council for giving funding for the equipment.

The next meeting of the Community Council will take place on Wednesday 2 March 2016, 6.00- 7.45pm, at Wester Hailes Library.

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