Automne Changement – French poem with English translation


Sunny Wester Hailes Clovenstone Hill

Automne Changement

 (Autumn Season Changing to Winter-somber tone but spoken with lilting rhythm to words)

 Autmne changement, feuilles tombant,

autumn changing ,(to winter), the leaves are falling,

roux et bruns, les arbres sechent,

red and brown, the trees are going or becoming dry (and bare),

les animaux se cachent.

the animals are going into hibernation-hiding for the approaching cold winter season).

Fin du temps,

The end of the season(autumn),

et un nouveau depart de la nouvelle saison.

and a new beginning of the new (winter) season.

Poem submitted to us by Spring Heeled Jack at our Digital Sentinel I.T drop in session.


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