Sweetie Shop Seed Swap


Our local community reporter, David Jacobs, has sent us a great article and interview about a rather unusual sweetie shop seed swap. Have a look below it’s full of useful information for gardeners!

On Monday morning I popped down to Jeffrey Street off the High Street to take part in a most unusual seed swap which was organised by a lovely lady called Naomi who runs Lickity Splits a sweetie shop come art Gallery, an old fashioned sweet purveyor.


Naomi organised this 3 day event to make people aware of the benefits of growing your own food whatever skill level you may have. All you had to do was come down bring some seeds swap them for other seeds that took your fancy. There was also lots of other information for budding gardeners.

Naomi`s shop was full information on things like using human hair cuttings and coffee grinds to deter snails from munching your hard grown veg.

I also popped back down on Tuesday to do a quick interview with her after the event you can listen to that here.

If you want info on her shop or the Garden Tags app go here and shop here.

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