The Digital Sentinel Competition Time

comp imageThe Digital Sentinel is running a competition
with a prize to win based on your submission
Thinking caps on about Wester Hailes
write us a wee poem, quote or even a few tale’s

All we ask is that you start your poem, rhyme or limerick
with the following line
“My Wester Hailes…….”

It can be as short or long as you like
You can tell us about your run, walk or hike
Write about the Wildlife on the canal,
Dinner deals on at Plaza’s Lidl
Insert some clues, make it a riddle?

You can mention the places you like to visit e.g.  the Totem pole
Your wander along the Greenway for your afternoon stroll
You can even tell us about your breakfast munch
Did you pop into Clovie Cafe for your morning roll and lunch?

It really can be anything you desire
funny, sweet, rant or quote to inspire
all we ask is that you keep it respectful and clean
We really don’t like things rude or mean

A competition with a prize
Your very own Digital Sentinel t-shirt in your size
Enter for your chance to win
Let the ‘My Wester Hailes’ fun begin!


Send us your entries to or send us a private message on Twitter or Facebook by 12.00pm, Wednesday 16 March 2016.

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