Gordon Macdonald wins Edinburgh Pentlands

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Gordon Macdonald of the Scottish National Party will continue to represent Edinburgh Pentlands at Holyrood after he was re-elected with a majority of 2,456 votes in the 2016 Scottish election.

Gordon Macdonald received 13,181 votes, 39.5% of the vote defeating the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party’s Gordon Lindhurst who obtained 10,725, 32.2% of the vote, Scottish Labour Party’s Blair Leary who obtained 7,811, 23.4% of the vote and Scottish Liberal Democrat Party’s Emma Farthing-Sykes who obtained Votes 1,636, 4.9% of the vote.

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Voter turnout was 60.4% with 33,353 votes which was an increase from 2011 56.9% turnout where there was 30,049 votes.

The seat which has been held by the SNP since 2011, where it switched from Conservative, is one of the party’s 63 total seats, two short of the 65 needed for a majority government. The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party is the second largest party with 31 seats, and Scottish Labour Party dropping to third with 24 seats. The Scottish Green Party won 6 seats and the Scottish Liberal Democrats won 5 seats.

The Lothian region MSPs are:

Andy Wightman – The Scottish Green Party
Alison Johnstone – The Scottish Green Party
Neil Findlay – The Scottish Labour Party
Kezia Dugdale – The Scottish Labour Party
Jeremy Balfour – The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Gordon Lindhurst – The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Miles Briggs – The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

You can find out more information about election statistics on the Edinburgh Council website.

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