Community Council Westburn walkabout

Westburn Photos 8

The Wester Hailes Community Council paid a visit to Westburn today, after their recent successful bid to the Road & Footways Neighbourhood Environmental Projects fund, to see if there were any paths they felt could be improved.

The Road & Footways Neighbourhood Environmental Projects fund is open to community organisations who can submit bids in order to make changes to roads and footways to make then easier and safer to use. After their recent successful bid the Community Council learned that they had been the only community group to apply to the fund and that they were welcome to suggest other changes that could be made.

Representatives from the Community Council identified several paths which they felt could be altered, making them more accessible to families with small children or people with mobility issues. They agreed that they would meet soon to decide which of the paths they felt were the most urgent and would submit.

Changes they identified were kerbs that could be lowered, or ramps that could be added. It was also suggested that some of the gravel paths located near the Woods centre could be tarmacked.

Here are some photos of the areas they identified.

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