Clovie Kids head to the Canal

Photo from Edible Estates Facebook

Photo from Edible Estates Facebook

Wester Hailes Edible Estates have released an update on their Clovie Kids group after their successful first session back.

Had a great first day back with Clovie kids.

We walked along the canal. Our new volunteer Pauline showed everyone where we could find tiny frog and newts! We had great fun looking, lots of scary moments with very excited children, literally peering into canal on tiptoes!

We stopped and had a talk about safety around the water and respecting the canal side and it’s wildlife. This helped our excited bunch of young people and we all managed to stay calm and quiet when we found our first frog. The kids were gentle with them and put them back where we found them. We sadly found a deceased newt, but the children were brilliant with it and still wanted to look at it. They were extremely kind towards it and accepted it’s death is just part of the natural cycle of life.

We then changed our plans and headed to the outdoor gym and Hailes Quarry park, where we ran about using up our energy and explored the wood at the side. Very tired children were deposited back at the Community garden. Good times

You can find out more information about Wester Hailes Edible Estates and their upcoming events and activities on their Facebook here.

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