Say No to Hate – Hate Crime Awareness Week

This week is National Hate Crime Awareness Week which runs from the 8th October to the 15th October 2016.  This week encourages people, organisations and charities to come together and stand up against Hate in any form.

Police Scotland’s Chief Officer, Phil Gormley has said tackling hate crime is an “absolute priority” for his force.  Speaking at the start of Hate Crime Awareness Week, Phil Gormley said he was determined to eradicate all forms of hatred in Scotland.

Mr Gormley said,

Hate crime manifests itself in many different ways – through violence, offensive graffiti and vandalism as well as intimidation and harassment in person and online.  All of this behaviour is completely unacceptable, and whether criminal or not, Police Scotland wants to know about in order to avoid behaviour escalating and being unchallenged.”

If you are ever targeted because of who you are then please report it to Police Scotland or any third party reporting centre* like SCOREscotland. Find your nearest third party reporting centre here.  Don’t suffer in silence.

*Third party reporting centres –  are centers where if you do not wish to report to the Police, you can report here.  Staff at these centres are trained to take hate crime reports and report these to the Police on your behalf.



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