Clovenstone Primary welcome new Depute Head teacher

Clovenstone Primary School sign doorClovenstone Primary school would like to report that following their recent recruitment process, they have appointed Mr Barry Donald-Hewitt as a new Depute Head Teacher to Clovenstone.  He will be joining the school from 9 January 2017.

Mr Donald-Hewitt has a wide range of experience across a number of different schools and is currently employed as Principal Teacher for Outdoor Learning across the city. This role involves working with children, families and staff from across Edinburgh and beyond to promote innovative and active learning.

We are very excited about the new ideas and enthusiasm Mr Donald-Hewitt will bring to our school!

Mr Donald-Hewitt will be in and around the school in the lead up to Christmas, and hopes to join us for one of our Nativity and Christmas Show performances, before he starts full-time when we return after our Christmas break.

I am sure you will join us all in giving him a warm welcome to our school community!

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