Hard Times: New foreign policy and a new start

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Here is the latest installment of Hard Times.

New Labour Foreign Policy Problems in disarray

Tony Blair tried to divert his domestic problems by cultivating closer links with the USA, visiting George W Bush several times to offer his support in American foreign policy matters.

He tried to play the role of the worldwide statesman, but the British media and trade unionists referred to him frequently as George Bush’s poodle or his lapdog.

What is more, Blair became involved in the arms to Iraq scandal, where weapons of mass destruction were supposedly kept by Saddam Hussein.

Blair also became involved in air strikes and sent British troops on the ground in both Iraq and Afghanistan, which was supporting the Bush administration in what was termed illegal wars.

Moreover, he managed to convince the House of Commons in a debate that there were indeed weapons of mass destruction.

Despite several searches by United Nations independent investigators, no weapons of mass destruction were ever discovered.

Consequently, Blair faced accusations from political and media commentators, trade unionists and members of the British public that he was a war monger.

A new start

Tony Blair decided to resign as Labour party leader and as Prime Minister after securing a third, historical government, which had never previously been achieved by a Labour party leader.

Brown assumed that he would become Prime Minister, but there was the issue of a competition for party leader, where John McDonnell (current Shadow Chancellor) wished to contest the leadership for party leader.

However, McDonnell couldn’t manage to get the 44 votes necessary to go forward as Brown’s opponent.

Consequently, the New Labour party leadership issue resulted in a Coronation, where Brown was elected unopposed.

Alastair Darling was also appointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Brown then chose his new cabinet of ministers.

Article submitted by Spring Heeled Jack.

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