Edinburgh 20mph city expands today

The second phase of Edinburgh Council’s Transport strategy of making most of Edinburgh a 20mph city went into force today. Expanding to the North and South Central/East.

The new phase which covers zones two (North) and three (South Central/East) came into force at midnight and covers roads in residential and shopping areas.

From the Council website:

Edinburgh joins the growing number of European and UK cities introducing lower speed limits.  Slower speeds bring many benefits to places and people. They help to reduce the risk and severity of collisions, encourage people to walk and cycle and spend more time in an area. The reduced speed makes it easier to cross roads, particularly for children and older people.

Wester Hailes is included in Zone 5 (West) which will come into force with Zone 4 (North West) during the next phase of expansion taking place on 31 July 2017.

Below is a map on how the changes will affect Wester Hailes. Streets in blue will be changing to 20mph with streets in green already at 20mph. The darker roads will remain at their higher speed limits. You can see the full interactive map of the roll out here.

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