In Memory of James Mason

The Digital Sentinel is saddened to report the passing of James Mason, known to his friends as Jimmy, a long time volunteer and community reporter at the Digital Sentinel.

Jimmy was a regular attendee of Sentinel drop ins writing articles under the Pen Name Spring Heeled Jack. He would travel every week from Oxgangs to lend a hand, share his insightful and intelligent writing on a wide range of topics from politics to poetry. Jimmy was a fluent French speaker and loved to share stories of his time living in France and the friends he made there.

Community reporter David Jacobs shared:

I was totally shocked and saddened to hear that Jimmy had passed. I have so many memories of him from the drop ins. He was always one of the first there, despite any ill health he always managed to bus it over for a drop in.

There was always teacakes and biscuits he brought along for us and he was always full of go and enthusiasm about the many varied stories he would tell us about himself or what he was working on. A well educated man who put himself through the Open university.

His article on changes in politics which we serialised called Hard Times was a great piece of writing over 10.000 words. An inspiration that will be hard to follow.

Rest in Peace Spring Heeled jack.

Community Development worker Shasta Ali

Jimmy was a regular at our I.T sessions and we really enjoyed seeing him weekly. His enthusiasm for local politics and love for languages led to him writing passionately for the Digital Sentinel with his Hard Times articles.

Community groups benefit not only the user but the organisation as well. We had the opportunity to meet someone who made us smile each week and sometimes bamboozled us with random facts and snippets over a cuppa.

We will miss you and our chats dearly Jimmy.

Jimmy was always provided a friendly face at our drop in sessions. He will be greatly missed by all of us at the Digital Sentinel.

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