Health and Wellbeing Cluster Cup at WHEC

Photo from the Wester Hailes Education Centre website

Sighthill Primary School declared the winner as Wester Hailes Education Centre invited pupils from local primary schools to take part in the Health and Wellbeing Cluster Cup.

The event was attended by pupils in primary 5 and 6 from Sighthill, Clovenstone and Canal View primary schools who make up WHEC’s local cluster.

The Cluster Cup was geared to provide young people with a range of experiences across a variety of activities. Throughout the day, all young people from each school participated in workshops including: Judo, Football, Basketball, Dance, American Football, Athletics and Hospitality/Nutrition.

It was an exciting and engaging day for all involved which highlighted the level of skill, dedication and resilience that the young people have and are willing to develop.

Pupils were encouraged on their effort, etiquette, fair play and ability to master the skills required to perform eac

h effectively. Each school scored highly across the board with particular strengths shown in fair play and etiquette. All pupils were given the opportunity to learn and share new skills and every young person worked very hard.

Feedback from the day was very positive from pupils, staff and coaches. Particularly in relation to the variety of activities and high quality coaching offered. Coaches also stated that the learners engaged fully in the process and had made significant improvements in terms of skill level from when they first arrived. They said that they were very impressed with how the young people communicated and how positively the three schools interacted with each other.

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