Prospect tenants have your say on bike storage

Prospect Community Housing would like to ask their tenants to have their say on bike storage in a new survey.

The survey is the latest in a series of consultations carried out by Prospect who recognise that tenants want somewhere to store their bikes in a safe manner as stairs should be kept clear for the safety of everyone.

In the event of a fire the stair is the escape route for everyone living there, so the stairs need to be kept clear of any objects, including bicycles that might impede people leaving the building or hinder access for emergency responders. However we also recognise that a significant number of our tenants own bicycles, either for their own use or for their children, and that storage of these in a flat can be difficult. So we are working with tenants in this situation to look at possible storage solutions such as bike racks, wall mounts, shared stands etc. to see what would fit best with safety priorities and tenants’ needs.

Prospect recently texted tenants to ask if they would be interested in helping us find the best storage solutions, and received a great response. Their next step is to ask those who have responded to complete a survey with storage options, and to give their suggestions. They will also carry out site visits and conduct some door to door consultation to hear what tenants think in different stairs.

If you are a Prospect tenant and would like to be sent a copy of the survey or want to know more about this consultation, please contact Gillian Scougall on 0131 458 5480.

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