Small Sparks flowers bloom

Colourful nasturtium flowers have started appearing all across Wester Hailes thanks to a drive from the Wester Hailes Community Trust to encourage people to beautify their local area.

The Trust, decided to forego the usual posters and leaflets and instead meet one of their priorities and give out bags of nasturtium seeds with their information on it. Local people were asked to plant the seeds and help make Wester Hailes a prettier place.

Now that the flowers are appearing all over Wester Hailes the Wester Hailes Community Trust would like to encourage people to send in their photos to show what happened with the seeds they planted.

For more information about the Wester Hailes Community Trust or to submit your photos contact the Wester Hailes Community Trust via, by phoning 0131 458 3267 or by going to their website.

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