Clovie Kids Tree Planting for 50 years of Wester Hailes

Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust and Clovenstone Primary After School Club were getting their hands dirty, planting trees in Hailes Quarry Park to help commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Wester Hailes.

The group were met at the site of the Hermit’s head in Hailes Quarry Park, where they had previously planted a cherry tree, to plant a collection of Alder trees. Abby Boultbee from ELGT, was on hand to give a hands on demonstration and teach the kids about the trees and how they thrive in the marshy ground of the park.

The event was visited by Vice-Chair of the Wester Hailes Community Trust, Eoghan Howard as the group decided to plant trees, not only to improve their natural environment but also to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Wester Hailes. They plan to bury a Time Capsule on the site in the coming weeks, filled with photos of the group and a collection of things they have made over the year.

Have a look below for our collection of photos of the event.

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