The Treasured Tree Comes To Life!

The Treasured Tree has been completed and is now on display in WHALE Arts. The handcrafted Leaves, Blossom and Fruit are hanging beautifully along with the numerous  other treasures made by the members of the adult arts programme groups during the months of Lockdown. 

It’s safe to say that this project has achieved its aims of tackling isolation, as one mum points out “it was fun and great for relaxing and keeping my mind off things”.  The team have done a great job providing an opportunity for groups to remain connected with WHALE Arts, while adapting to a new different routine and keeping their creative skills up.

The team were happy to know that it was suitable for everyone, the members shared “there was a good range of materials and freedom of hand making” Moreover, reports from members such as “I like the fact the packs were adapted so people could put more effort in if they required or had the time or ideas to be more creative” meant that the artworks which were returned and many and varied. 

The Treasured Tree Project has symbolically given us oxygen in the most unpredictable and isolating months of Lockdown and now in the uncertainty as the pandemic continues. It kept everyone creatively busy, entertained and “took our mind away from other worries”, one participant shared.  For the team it was lovely to hear feedback such as “It was fun and a real surprise to get the packs at the door!”.

Their masterpieces are now on display in the Arts Room of WHALE Arts. The Tree is under shelter and at the same time it gives us shade through its branches, leaves, flowering blossoms and nurturing us with a special creative variety of fruit.

In the same way as leaves use the process of photosynthesis to convert the energy from the sunlight into food for the tree, the community participants have benefited from the project. Blossoms provide pollen to pollinators such as bees, and initiate cross-pollination necessary for the tree to reproduce by producing fruit – we were all a part of the chain in creating this artwork. Finally, the fruit contains seeds, so let’s wait and see what can come out of future collaborative art projects for the enjoyment and benefit of the wide community.

What we leave behind is an important contribution from the group facilitators Deborah, Lillian, Rachael, Fabien, Sindy and Mo who, thanks to the co-production project ‘Growing Our Own Artists’, supported by the William Grant Foundation and Creative Scotland made it possible for us to get together through several online meetings to evaluate, come up with the idea, design and deliver art packs to the participants’ doors for the past few months.

A huge congratulations to everyone who was involved, look out for more images and videos of the finished artwork shared by WHALE Arts! 

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Article Written by Sindy Santos

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