Edinburgh Science Festival turns the Scottish capital into a science playground this summer!

Isabel and Winnie Maia enjoy Oscillation in Light & Sound in St Andrew Square, credit Chris Scott

The 33rd Edinburgh Science Festival is currently underway, presenting over 200 digital and in-person events for sci-curious minds of all ages with the theme of One World: Science Connects Us and Cirrus Logic as its Headline Sponsor. Programming for the Planet as Scotland prepares for COP26, celebrating women in STEM and the fight against the global pandemic are this year’s main topics but as always there’s science of all sorts for all ages.

The Festival is very pleased to be back in the live game (alongside an extensive online programme) and able to present a variety of in-person exhibitions, installations and trails, using Edinburgh as a science playground, allowing audiences to safely get their science fix this summer and delivering plenty of fun family activities to kick-start the summer holidays.

Some of the 2021 in-person family highlights include:

Oscillation in Light & Sound sponsored by CityFibre takes over Edinburgh’s iconic St Andrew Square as it invites audiences of all ages to play with giant crystal blocks that come alive through movement, creating a unique light and sound show.

Pale Blue Dot exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland, celebrating all things marine and Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters 20/21. This multi-sensory exploration takes audiences through every layer of the ocean, exploring the vastness, majesty and mystery of our seas. From curious species to amazing ecosystems, oceans bounties and intriguing research, the exhibition sheds light on the marine landscape that is so special and how we can protect one of the most precious habitats on Earth.

For those keen to venture out of Edinburgh, the Festival’s closing weekend will see the European Stone Stacking Championships returning to the beautiful Dunbar beach for the fourth time. Filled with competitions and demonstrations – and offering a chance to see stone stacking professionals in action! – the weekend is a perfect opportunity to connect to nature for people of all ages. 

Back in Edinburgh city centre, audiences can take part in a wide range of walks, tours and trails.

Walking Through the Covid-19 Vaccine is a family-friendly treasure trail offering a unique insight into the science behind the vaccines and answers to some of the most common questions.

Focused on mental health, My Depression – Your Depression. Same Name, Different Story showcases stories from adults and young people, their relatives and researchers, all with a lived experience of depression. Each story is so different yet it is given the same name. Taking the form of a walking trail around George Square and the Meadows, the project encourages more openness about mental health and highlights the benefits of walking and greenspaces.

Seashore Nature Detectives in Musselburgh (and in North Berwick!) is back with naturalist and wildlife tracker Dan Puplett guiding young detectives looking for clues the nature left behind.

Celebrating Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters 2020/21, Coastal Knowledge aims to showcase the diverse forms of coastal knowledge, varying from local history to coastal science and art, highlighting the importance of coastal communities in Scotland, resilient in the face of climate crisis. Audiences are invited to take a virtual tour of Scottish coasts, explore Edinburgh’s coastal community of Granton with the Curious Edinburgh walking tour showcasing Granton’s industrial and fishing history or make a stop at granton:hub, the arts and community centre showcasing the works of local artists.

University of Edinburgh presents a self-led walk Road to COP26 which allows audiences to discover how climate change is affecting our wildlife, from plants to parasites to Scotland’s

With the younger environmentalists in mind, Heriot-Watt University shares its campus with Climate Detectives who will be getting hands-on with nature during a picturesque walk.

For the full list of in-person events for families, visit the Festival website.

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