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The Health Agency are recruiting a new Chief Executive Officer.

The post is full-time 35 hours per week with a salary of £46,000 per year.

The Health Agency is a community led health initiative based within the integrated Health and Social Care Healthy Living Centre in Wester Hailes. We are looking for an exceptional individual to work with our Board of Directors to uphold the values and ethos of the organisation and provide effective leadership to our committed and experienced staff team.

The CEO is the lead staff member responsible for the day to day provision of services as well as having an overview of finance and administration, while ensuring the strategic leadership, direction, planning and performance of the Health Agency. The CEO will support the Board of Directors and supply them with the appropriate information to make decisions.

The post holder must have a strong understanding of the challenges faced by people living in areas of multiple deprivation and have effective interpersonal skills. The ability to develop projects and relationships with external partners is a key requirement of the post.

Purpose of Job

The Health Agency CEO is the lead staff member responsible for the day to day provision of services as well as an overview of finance and administration.

To ensure the strategic leadership, direction, planning and performance of the Health Agency.

To support the Board of Directors ensuring that they have the appropriate information to make decisions.

  1. Board of Directors Support
    1. In association with the Chairperson, seek to ensure a strong, effective Board of Directors, with a balanced range of skills and abilities.
    2. To work closely with the Board of Directors (especially the Chairperson, Treasurer, and staffing subgroup convener) in a proactive manner that maintains and develops the community led ethos of the organisation.
    3. Ensure that the Board of Directors training and succession planning needs are regularly assessed and addressed.
    4. Ensure that any duties delegated from the Board are fully and effectively discharged.
  2. Strategic Development and Planning
    1. Advise the Directors of key management of operational matters in relation to strategy and planning.
    2. Work with Directors and staff to lead and co-ordinate the annual strategy and business planning ensuring that the organisation priorities and objectives are reflected in staff objectives and targets.
    3. Ensure that Directors define and work to the organisation’s aims and objectives and develop a coherent and effective strategy within appropriate statutory policy requirements.
    4. Ensure the timely production of a comprehensive Budget.
    5. Ensure that the Health Agency has sufficient human, financial and technological resources to implement its policies and objectives.
    6. Ensure a consistent integrated approach between the Health Agency and local organisations on strategy and funding.
  3. Staff Management
    1. Lead, motivate and manage a staff team of between 12 and 15, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, continual improvement and meeting or exceeding of performance targets.
    2. Work with Finance staff to ensure salaries are paid and employer’s legal obligations are met.
    3. Implement effective recruitment and selection procedures to attract and retain the highest calibre of staff.
    4. Implement comprehensive induction and appraisal programmes including the setting of personal goals and targets. Ensure regular support and supervision is provided to all staff.
    5. Ensure effective working of the senior management team.
    6. Ensure the appropriate training and development requirements of staff are met.
    7. Responsibility for the day to day management of the Health Agency.
    8. Develop and maintain a culture that ensures everyone feels valued and respected.
    9. Respond appropriately to safeguarding or other crisis situations
  4. Local and External Networking and Partnerships
    1. To act as a visible and accessible ‘Community Health Champion’ for the area, acquiring a strong understanding of local needs, statistics and trends and ensuring targeted responses to these short and longer term.
    2. Work with statutory sector partners to identify local needs and participate in local area planning.
    3. Develop effective relationships with local voluntary and statutory sector stakeholders, with the aim of developing new projects in partnership with others.
    4. Develop and manage relationships with funders, identify new sources of funding and apply appropriately.
    5. Participate in networks and fora in order to avoid duplication and maximise resources available through partnerships and collaborative working.
    6. Produce a Membership Development Plan to ensure maximum participation of local residents in all aspects of the Health Agencies activities, including service delivery, volunteering, future planning and Board Membership.
    7. Manage the tenancy agreement with the NHS and ensure good relationships with other occupants and Facilities Management Team.
  5. Legal Compliance
    1. Advise the Board accurately in relation to effective governance and compliance with relevant legislation.
    2. Ensure compliance with all current legislation that affects the Health Agency
  6. Decision making
    1. Maintain an evidence-based approach to making decisions.
    2. Judge priorities and deadlines when making decisions.
    3. Understand the limits of authority and refer issues appropriately to the Board.

You can read the full job advert and download an application pack on the job posting on Goodmoves here. The closing date for applications is Friday 23 September 2022.

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