Fun Run 2023 Route

Fun Run 2023 Registration

The Wester Hailes Fun Run 2023 is taking place on Sunday June 11 this year, 10.00am from Clovenstone Community Centre. This year there is a change to the route with the return to Hailes Quarry Park.

The Fun Run Planning Group has sent the following information making sure everyone is aware of the changes, and giving more information in case you would like to practice!

Registration is still open for the event. You can register online on Eventbrite here, by scanning the QR code in the poster above or pick up a paper form from Prospect Community Housing, Clovenstone Community Centre, The Health Agency, SCOREscotland.

The route will be well marked and there will be volunteer stewards at key points to make sure you
go the right way. Please remember that some of the route is new!

  1. START at Clovenstone Community Centre on the path at the side of the centre.
  2. Follow the footpath around the inside of Clovenstone Gardens in a clockwise direction. Be
    careful of the pavement barrier in the middle of the path. Come back past the community
    centre and towards Clovenstone bridge and over to the Greenway.
  3. Follow the Greenway down the hill, making sure you keep to the left of the central footpath
    barrier. The hill is very steep to start with so please be careful and slow down if necessary.
  4. Cross the canal foot bridge, and turn right along the canal tow path, following the tow path
    into Hailes Quarry Park. The tow path is quite narrow under the canal bridges with reduced
    visibility so please be careful of other pedestrians and cyclists.
  5. Once in the park, leave the tow path by the Hailes Quarry Park stone sign and follow the
    path anti- clockwise right round the park. The route includes all of the park so don’t turn too
    soon! There will be a water station in the park.
  6. Once the circuit has been completed, leave the park by following the footpath to
    Dumbryden Rd and turning left onto the pavement of Dumbryden Rd. The route leads over
    the bridge. Once over the bridge, cross the road and follow the footpath behind the
    Hailesland flats.
  7. Stay on the footpath until it reaches Hailesland Park Rd. Cross the road onto the right-hand
    pavement of Wakers Wynd. Stay on the pavement, and cross the road when you reach
    Walkers Rigg. Follow Walkers Rigg round to the top, and turn right onto the narrow cut that
    leads to the bridge across Clovenstone Road.
  8. Once over the bridge, follow the footpath past Holy Trinity Church and Hailesland Place
    until you reach the Greenway.
  9. Turn left onto the Greenway, and follow the route all the way back up to the top of the
    Greenway and across Clovenstone bridge, staying on the left hand side. Then follow the
    route back to Clovenstone Community Centre to CROSS THE FINISH LINE
fun run 2023 route
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