Taking Time For Thanks!

vol awards 7West Edinburgh Time Bank members who help out with the Time Bank and The Health Agency recently received certificates to recognise their efforts at a Volunteer Appreciation Event organised by The Health Agency. Office manager Cathie MacKenzie invited the Time Bank members along to the July event to receive their certificates from Colin Cooper, to meet other volunteers and to have lunch provided by the Garden Kitchen Café. Agnes Marchbank, Eunice Main, Roy King, David Jacobs, Jane Russell and Ryan Fowlds all received certificates.

Vol Awards 1The West Edinburgh Time Bank is an easy way to help yourself through helping other people. When you help someone in the time bank, you earn a “time credit” that you can use when you need a bit of help yourself. People help each other in all sorts of ways from gardening to ironing, filling in forms or computing, all the time earning time credits along the way that they can then use to organise help for themselves. Tracey Lee the time broker said,

The great thing about the Time Bank is that everyone has something to offer. When new people start they are often surprised by how many skills they have.

If you would like to become part of the Time Bank or want to know more you can contact West Edinburgh Time Bank through the website www.edinburghtimebank.org.uk, email traceyl@edinburghtimebank.org.uk or phone 0131 453 9400.

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