Kaleidoscope: Wester Hailes poetry


Welcome to Kaleidoscope your source for arts and entertainments created in Wester Hailes by local people!

Here is a selection of short poetry from a local resident


I’m no in the Loop
I’m in the Soup
In fact I’m in the Gloop.


Will I catch Ebola fae BOOLS?
Naw, a wee spider might run up yir breeks
Or a midgey bite yir ear.

Solo Moon

A man called SOLOMON
played Solitaire by the licht o’ the solo moon
but he lost all his sovereigns
playing pinochle with himself alone
so he’s baled oot and went home alone.

by GH

If you have written something, it could be anything from a poem to a short story, and would like to put it on the Digital Sentinel then please get in touch at digitalsentinel@whalearts.co.uk or call Craig on 0131 458 3267. You can also submit a story directly on our website.

Whale Writers Bank

These poems were taken from the WHALE writers bank which is located at reception in the WHALE Arts Centre. The bank is open to anyone who would like to submit a piece of writing or would like to read something written locally.

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