An update from Edible Estates

WHEE Edible Estates Clovenstone Community Garden

Wester Hailes Edible Estates recently released an update about the progress they have made at the Clovenstone Community Garden and an upcoming project with Clovenstone primary school.

The fence has now been completed with the last panel bolted in place yesterday afternoon. A big thank you to all who helped out especially the lads from our Growing Youth project; there was much bone jarring digging involved in getting those posts in place!

This Wednesday is the start of two sessions with Clovenstone primary school. We are all looking forward to working together and getting more children (during school hours) out into the community garden.

Any growers who require a keypad for the new gate should contact Steven on or 07704315934. Alternatively you could pay him a visit at the Healthy Living Centre, just ask for him at the Health Agency’s green reception.

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