The Penguin’s Problem

The penguin had just been caught. He was getting moved to the zoo because there weren’t a lot of male penguins and they needed the females to start breeding. The penguin had been alone in his pack of penguins and the zoo were hoping this would be a new chance for him.

It was Jess’ first day of being a zoo keeper. She was getting to work with the penguins. They had a new penguin coming in and it was her job to make sure he would fit in, get food and have a comfortable and warm place to sleep as the snow was beginning to fall. She was in the penguins feeding area when she got the call, this was it, the new penguin was going to be introduced to the others. She thought to herself he’ll be fine, the penguins wont hurt him.

The zoo keepers went in while they let the new penguin in. All the penguins were at the feeding area and they all stopped and let the new penguin in to feed. As soon as the keepers were gone the penguins pushed him out of the way, and he wasn’t able to eat for days. He became very ill and had to be sent away. Jess was so upset that she wasn’t able to help the penguin she left her job at the zoo.

Submitted by Tasha

This post was submitted by a pupil from WHEC as part of a creative writing project between WHEC, WHALE Arts, the Digital Sentinel and author Sophie Cooke funded by the Kiran’s Trust. You can find some of the other posts here.

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