Look out for the community this winter

snow winter

The Scottish Government’s Ready Scotland campaign has released some information about how to help vulnerable people in the community.

In previous years, severe weather left some people vulnerable. Helping each other a little can make a big difference.

Here’s how you can play your part in making your community more prepared:

  • Identify family members or neighbours who may need an extra helping hand if severe weather strikes
  • Have their phone numbers to hand
  • Offer to help with grocery shopping or other essential tasks
  • Clear ice or snow from pathways
  • Volunteer to help others by visitingwww.volunteerscotland.org.uk
  • If you are part of a community group, think about what your group can do to help others during bad weather
  • See examples of how communities across Scotland are working together to get ready for winter/severe weather
  • Further advice is available here.

Local authorities do all they can to keep essential services running during periods of severe weather. However, severe weather may cause some change to routine local services. Check with your local authority for the latest information and advice during severe weather.

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