Local arts group heading to the Festival theatre

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WHALE Arts have announced that their Creative Adventures group will be taking part in the Awfey Huge Fantastic Variety Show at the Festival Theatre next Wednesday 22 June 2016.

Creative Adventures is a multi–arts project for young people with Additional Support Needs (particularly neurological conditions) and their families. A film and exhibition showing the group’s Dragon Tales Project will be shown at the theatre:

Our Dragon Tales project explored fairy stories and traditional myths and legends using storytelling, costume and set design, dance and drama to create a series of immersive experiences for participants, a flavour of which is captured in our exhibition and film for the Awfey Huge Fantastic Variety show.

Sessions included making a glow in the dark Dragon, silk painting and banner making, building a castle and creating a dragon story, all under a starry sky, magical forest and dragons cave, created by video projections from DL sound and Video. We worked with visual artist Catriona McIntyre (Lead Artist, Creative Adventures), drama practitioner Hamish Orr and dancer Skye Reynolds.

The Awfey Huge Variety Show brings together all state-funded special schools in Edinburgh for a unique performance celebrating the creative talent of Young Learning Disabled Artists on Scotland’s biggest stage.

WHALE Arts works in partnership with the Festival City Theatres Trust on a number of programmes to support access to high quality arts activities by disadvantaged children, young people and families from the South West of Edinburgh.

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