Film club for over 65s

One of our community reporters would like to highlight the following club Community Connecting Film Group for people over 65 ran by Health in Mind.

If you are over 65 and like to see the latest movies a new cinema outing group could be for you.  We meet fortnightly for an afternoon screening usually at the CAMEO or FILMHOUSE.  We usually have a (free) cup of coffee after the show and share ideas about the film. If you are interested there are a few places available so apply without delay (you are welcome to try an outing and see if it’s suitable for you). Membership entitles you to a Silver Screen discount card. (ticket average cost is £5).  Recent movies we saw include EYE IN THE SKY, TALE OF TALES, and EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT.   The group is accompanied by two volunteers.

Contact: HAYLEY or JOOLS on 0131 225 8508. (Health in Mind).

GH film group-1

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