An interview with Andrew Duncan: last original WHEC staff member


The Digital Sentinel recently paid a visit to Wester Hailes Education Centre to have a chat with Andrew Duncan, the school’s audio and visual technician and the last original member of staff to have been at the WHEC since the school opened in 1978.

Andrew will sadly be leaving the school and moving on to pastures new, with his leaving lunch taking place this Friday 14 October 2016.

Here is the interview where Andrew discusses what he’s moving on to, what it was like working at WHEC when it first opened, some of the visits the school has had over the years (including a royal one) and some of his favourite moments!

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3 comments on “An interview with Andrew Duncan: last original WHEC staff member
  1. Andrew, I’m so glad to have caught up with your fascinating talk about your long service at W ester Hailes. You did a great job there and they will miss you when you leave. I hope you enjoy the new job you are going to try out, and that all goes well with you.
    Beryl and I are fine, and like living in our flat in Lewes.

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