The South West Office wants your help

The Murrayburn Resident’s Organisation has been contacted by the South West office who want your help to deal with anti social behaviour and dog fouling.

Anti Social Behaviour

‘Community safety team leader’, Raymond Rickis would like your assistance in identifying any issues with anti social behaviour. Advising the Murrayburn Resident’s Organisation to request that the community call 101 with any concerns regarding any aspects of anti social behaviour or criminal behaviour, large or small.

The community safety team are here to deal with your concerns contact them on 0131 527 3800 (switchboard for south west office) or crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Dog Fouling

The council would like your help make their job a little easier, in relation to dog fouling offenders. They would like to be able build profiles on persistent offenders and need your calls to do so. If you see people not collecting their dogs poo report any details such as dog type/size or if owner male/female, their build, hair colour (you get the picture).

Please report to environmental/dog wardens 0131 527 3875 or go into south west office.

You can keep up to date with all the latest from the Murrayburn Resident’s Organisation, as well as find out when their next meeting is on their Facebook here.
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