Prospect release Performance Report

Prospect Community Housing has released their 2016-2017 Performance Report showing how they compare to other local landlords.

The report includes information about their profile, how their tenants are involved with providing feedback and shaping services, and a summary of their plans for next year.

We were pleased to see that once again Prospect compares well not only locally but also against the Scottish average. This year the Tenants Forum suggested we compare ourselves to City of Edinburgh Council, Dunedin Canmore, Castle Rock Edinvar, the Scottish Average and the best performing landlord for each performance area.

We are very pleased to say that Prospect remains the highest performing landlord for the time taken to complete a non-emergency repair. The Scottish Housing Regulator has a website where you can see how our performance rates with all the other Scottish social housing landlords: Scottish Housing Regulator.

If you are interested in helping them improve their performance further, please contact Catherine Louch,

You can download a copy of the full 2016-17 Performance Report here.

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