Prospect Stair Cleaning changes

Following a recent review of Prospect’s stair cleaning procedures they would like to let everyone living in a stair know that they will now be clearing out all the main bin store areas during the first week of each month.

This replaces the twice a year frequency that was previously undertaken, and will be for internal as well as external bin stores. In conjunction with the new procedure they will also be clearing out the bin stores that are on each landing at Barn Park Crescent and Clovenstone. This will also be done on a monthly basis.

These changes were agreed with the Prospect Scrutiny Group following their review of the stair cleaning service. The Scrutiny Group inspected stairs, spoke to tenants, looked at satisfaction levels and compared costs to other landlords. You can read all their findings and recommendations in the Prospect Scrutiny Group Stair Cleaning Report.

The Scrutiny Group choose different areas of Prospect’s services to look at each year. Tenant scrutiny gives tenants the opportunity to hold their landlord to account, ensuring they are meeting the standards and outcomes of the Scottish Social Housing Charter. The aim is to produce a report with recommendations which will then be implemented by the landlord. If you would like to know more about tenant scrutiny or are interested in joining the Scrutiny Group, please contact Catherine Louch on 0131 458 5480 for more information.

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