Tasting Change release Disco Soup Day Video

Tasting Change has released a video created on World Disco Soup Day, detailing how great the event was and giving an update on the project and the work they do.

World Disco Soup Day was such a fantastic day. We worked with so many great people Fi Donaldson, Prep Table, Slow Food Youth Network Scotland, Swap & Reuse HUB “Shrub” Co-operative, Food Sharing Edinburgh and met so many members of the Wester Hailes community.

Delicious soup, salads and music aplenty. Have a look at this video capturing some of the highlights of the day, and find out more about Tasting Change.

Tasting Change is a multi-agency partnership, made up of CHAI, The Health Agency, WHALE Arts and SCOREscotland that has been set up to tackle food insecurity and promote positive food and health opportunities in Wester Hailes. Tasting Change is funded by the Aspiring Communities Fund, which is supported by the European Social Fund and the Scottish Government.

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