Dragon Exhibition for Canal View Primary School

When the children return from Christmas Break at Canal View Primary the school dining room will have a new art exhibition hanging on its walls. As part of a long term partnership project with Edinburgh Art Festival artists Walker and Bromwich created the new commission ‘The Dragon of Profit and Private Ownership’.

The artwork was created for the 2017 Edinburgh Art Festival working with the then P5 class at Canal View Primary. To open the festival the artists, musicians and actors marched their ‘Dragon of Profit and Private Ownership’ along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile where it was ceremoniously slayed and turned into the Dragon of Collective Ownership. They were joined by 3 young people from Canal View who had participated in workshops with the artists and were so excited to launch the dragon on the world, chanting as they marched ‘By Leaves we Live, not by the Jangle of Coins’. 

In May 2018 the inflatable dragon returned to Canal View Primary for a whole school parade across the school grounds with children from the school participating through dancing activities, prop-making workshops and a new family art club that was established especially for the project. Ensuring the legacy of this project, last month the artists gifted the school a series of 3 prints of the school parade which will be displayed in the dining hall from now on. 

The 3 young people photographed were the 3 Primary 5s who joined the artists at the Royal Mile for the parade in 2017. Now Primary 7s they still remember and talk about the impact the project made on them. They were delighted to see the artists again and pose for a photograph with the new artworks that will live on at the school even after they leave. 

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