Mums into Business – Rocking the Rap

Community Reporter Sindy Santos has sent in an article about Tasting Change and WHALE Arts ongoing Mums into Business Workshops.

Sindy discusses how supportive she has found the group, their current plans to attend the Tasting Change Festive Market and their hopes of opening a shop, allowing local women to pursue their business ideas.

Well aware of our super powers as Mums, a  group of local women have one by one been joining Friday Mums, a creative group for mothers with an interest in setting up a business.

It was back in summer at the Community Market outside Westside Plaza when Kirsty, one of the members of Tasting Change, handed us a leaflet. The workshops were to start in September at Whale Arts Centre.

That sounded like music to my ears. I deduced straight away that this was exactly the place I needed to be after a long school week, if you know what I mean. The fact a creche is provided takes a weight off the shoulders.

However what  really attracted me  was the  focus on Women into Business. Workshops delivered by Yvonne Bostock from Business Gateway. I had always had an interest in business but I put on hold to raise my children.

Every person has their own story. To make mine’s short, I put my job as a journalist on hold to travel the world, learn languages, have children and raise them till the point where school and nursery could take over for a few hours. Precious time for us, Mums.

I have had 3 children in 4 years, my eldest is 7 and I get 3 hours me-time from the youngest one being at nursery. They are now independent enough to talk and walk. I am now confident to say that now “It is the time”.

My brain is still recovering from what  motherhood has giving me. I won on the way, that’s for sure. The skills I learnt, the strength I found, the resilience you get and the fulfillment of all.

I have to admit I am the type of control freak mumma that enjoys spending 24/7 with them, despite the exhausting and stressful challenges that comes with the full package.

The system does not leave much choice either. What is the point in going to work  when the childminder will charge more than what you earn? I am very proud to have been a full time Mum, not a stay at home one, though. I do find a wee difference between the two, sorry.

That was me for the past few years, leaving in standby mode all the skills, expertise and experience from previous jobs and other studies. I now want to do as much as possible in this precious time for myself without constant distraction.

However it is still challenging to be left with not even 3 hours a day, Monday to Friday, not to mention school holidays and bank holidays are always round the corner. Yet how can you commit to a business of your own? How do mothers cope with that? That is why this lifesaver Group came to the conclusion that talented mums with so much potential deserve better.

Friday Mums is the best place to get support, overcome fears, express your feelings or concerns about going into business, get advice from professional experts like  Business Gateway, the Job Centre etc. A place where others believe in you, making dreams come true.

For instance I  have a part-time job, but others who are on benefits, might find it risky to go into business without any guarantee of succeeding and with the possibility of losing everything. It becomes a catch 22 situation.  I have to say the Government should take serious responsibility and provide more support and financial help to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The only scheme on offer is the New Enterprise Allowance, for which not everyone is eligible. What future business people get is a few tenners for the first 6 months to then be left flying alone with no guarantees or further support. Don’t get me wrong, Benefits are the best for when you most need it, but they shouldn’t be taken as a way of living.

By providing proper support and financial help the Government could cut the number of people receiving Benefits across the UK and allow people to develop skills. Leading new generations to be more creative and be the business people of the future. Since children learn by example what better way that experiencing it at home.

For a start, our own project Mums into Business will be tasting the market with stalls at the Festive Market next Thursday, 13th December 2018, from 12 noon till 2 pm at the Healthy Living Centre. Save the date!

We are now at the “work in process” stage negotiating with commercial premises in Edinburgh to get a space, a Shop that can be shared by different local businesses and searching for available funding. A space allowing you to experiment with your own ideas. Being aware of even if it doesn’t work it is an opportunity to adapt your ideas to make them successful without losing anything along the way.

Although everyone is welcome, it is specially designed for mothers, the ones who go through childbirth, the woman who silently deal with body changes right up from puberty, the ones who one day could be a parent, the main carers, the ones who look after others, yet no one pampers them. For you all who can relate.

The key is to have flexibility, a “shop share” with varying opening hours of every individual business in the store making Mums life’s easier. Doesn’t it sound promising?

And that’s how I came up with this informative piece of poetry turned into a Rap. By no means, if you are a Mum, then you mean Business!

Watch out for our video will be released soon.

You can find out more about Mums Into Business here.

Rock RAP song

MiB Edinburgh

You are a Mum?
Then you mean Business.
You Multitask.
Meeting deadlines.
School run?
Made it on time.
Stick to a budget?

And negotiate.
That’s all-day-long
with your mini-me
who means a lot.
Satisfying needs and wants
of little ones, and the big man
That’s just for some.

You feed an Army
and magically
its clean again
Always get feedback
deal with complaints
the list is endless
you’re well prepared

You are a Mum?
You’ve got the Power
What haven’t you done?
Coz you can Fly!

We are successful.
You didn’t know?
Of course we are.
Just need a push,
We get it from:
Friday Mums
The course that runs
at Whale Arts.

What stops your product
from being launched?
My service known

To have the Time.
If I could only
buy some more Time.
We need the time?
We make the time!

It is the Money
that comes and goes.
But we are here,
stop your moan!
I buy from you
you buy from me,
and then rotates.
Let’s celebrate!

You are a mum?
Is in your plan
to be a Mum?
You are very welcome.
That’s how I see
There is a chance
for Every-one.

Joining in for serious fun?
Market research.
A business plan.
All will be worth it
In the long run.

We are problem solvers,
You need this done?
Birthdays parties, Nails, Cakes, Graphic Design?
A Dolls House-hold with endless supplies?
And many more
depends on what
You wish to be sold

So, one stop
at our Shop:
Mums into Business
Here we go!

By Sindy Santos
Mum & Journalist

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  1. Hi, I love this initiative and would love to take part in it. How do I learn more about it? Could I come to the meetings?

    Many thanks,


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