Fairstart Scotland Drop in at WHALE Arts

Nicole from StartScotland will be coming to WHALE Arts tomorrow, Friday 16 August 2019, from 12.30pm to hold a free drop in chatting about the new Fair Start Scotland Service.

Fair Start Scotland is a new employment support service which helps people living in Scotland to find work. This may be because you:

  • have a disability or additional support needs
  • have a health condition
  • have caring responsibilities
  • are a single parent
  • have been unemployed for a long time
  • are a care leaver
  • are from a minority ethnic community
  • are a refugee
  • are a person with a conviction

If you volunteer to take part in their services you will meet with an advisor who can recognise your skills and create a CV, prepare for interviews, find opportunities to help you gain skills and experience and find jobs which meet your needs. Choosing to take part in Fair Start Scotland will not affect the benefits you get.

You can find out more by visiting their website or reading their information leaflet here: 


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