What’s in the Westburn Woods?

Explorers of Westburn Woods invite you to find out “What’s in the woods?” on Wednesday 28 October 2020, 3.30pm at the Westburn Woods.  

What’s the oldest tree? What’s the youngest? What animals hang out here? What are these berries called?

Wander along to Westburn Woods from 3.30 on Wednesday to find out what we find out. We’re going to make a little nature trail that will tell us something about what is in the woods, like the names of some of the trees and plants and some other facts. 

Please be aware that some of the paths are a little bit slippy just now because of the time of year. So take care where you walk. 

There won’t be any WHALE arts staff in attendance. 

We don’t expect hundreds of Wester Hailes residents to descend on the woods! But in any case, do remember to keep the usual 2m physical distance from other households if you spot any. 

The nature trail will be temporary and only there for a short time.

Dress for the weather but the forecast currently looks okay!

With WHALE Arts and Pam from Explorers of Westburn Woods art project email: westburnwoods@gmail.com // more info: https://explorersofwestburnwoods.wordpress.com/

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