Prospect partner with City Fibre to bring Full Fibre to their Housing

More than 900 properties are set to benefit from access to next-generation digital connectivity as CityFibre has partnered with Prospect Community Housing to bring full fibre to homes owned and managed by the provider across Wester Hailes.

The blanket wayleave agreement will ensure CityFibre’s full fibre network build can continue to go ahead smoothly, meaning residents across the community will be among those able to sign-up for a Gigabit-speed full fibre broadband connection.

Full fibre networks are recognised as the digital infrastructure of the future for both homes and businesses. With near unlimited bandwidth, full fibre will ensure households can utilise the latest smart home technology, stream entertainment across multiple devices and make it easier to work from home, with virtually no buffering or lagging.

Sanjay Sudra, CityFibre’s Strategic Wayleave Manager, said:

Digital inclusion is a top priority for us at CityFibre so it is a pleasure to be working with Prospect Community Housing, ensuring as many tenants as possible can access our digital infrastructure.

Over the last year, our broadband connections have truly been a lifeline as we adapt to new ways of working, socialising and entertaining. We are looking forward to the tenants of Wester Hailes reaping the benefits that come with a first-class and future-proof full fibre connection.

Neil Munro, Property Services Manager at Prospect Community Housing, added:

Given the amount of home working and blended school work we have all experienced over the past year, a fast, efficient and reliable broadband connection is more important than ever.

Unlimited bandwidth and gigabit speed has the opportunity to benefit all of our tenants. The work is being planned now and once start dates are agreed we will look to advise our tenants again.

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