Plans for New Affordable Housing Approved

Affordable Housing Approved murrayburn gate

The City of Edinburgh Council has approved plans to build affordable housing, opposite Westside Plaza on the site of the former health centre.

The council-led development will provide 73 flats on the former site of the area’s health centre, which was demolished last year after a long period of lying derelict.

Close to Wester Hailes train station and with active travel routes nearby, planners said the site was “very well connected” to public transport links to the rest of the city, making future residents ‘less reliant on cars’. 

However, as proposals went before the planning sub-committee on Wednesday some councillors raised eyebrows at the lack of access to some flats for deliveries and maintenance vans.

The new block of flats, comprising 41 social rent homes and 32 mid-market rent, will be built in a ‘U’ shape on the Murrayburn Gate plot around a central, south facing courtyard.  

Five wheelchair parking bays and 188 cycle spaces will be provided on site. 

Cllr Hal Osler, Lib Dem convener of the planning sub-committee, called it “an attractive development with good amenity”. 

Cllr Chas Booth said:

Overall I think this is an excellent proposal, it obviously delivers affordable housing in an area where it’s sorely needed.

Cllr Neil Gardiner added:

I very much welcome this proposal, it fits in well with the Wester Hailes town centre and created an urban grain around where currently there is a large car park.

There’s a lot to like about it.

Tory councillor Joanna Mowat said: 

The one thing that did concern me is, where are the flats accessed from?

You’ve got a little bit of disabled parking and City Car Club provision, but when the people move in here, where do they unload – where does the removal van park to unload their sofa?

How do they get a dishwasher delivered, how do they get a new bathroom refurbished if they need to have that done?

Councillors agreed to include a planning informative to ask developers to consider where space for deliveries could be located.

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